Heron History

Heron Foods Ltd began life on Holderness Road in Hull in 1979 as Grindells Butchers Ltd. In 1981 the company changed name to Heron Frozen Foods and shortly after, Anthony Grindell sold the business to his sister and her family – the Heucks. 


The company continued to grow under the Heuck family, opening new stores and acquiring a number of Dawn ‘til Dusk and Cooltrader stores until in August 2017 B&M announced that it had purchased Heron Foods for £152 million; a deal that was described as a "no brainer" by B&M's CEO Simon Arora.  

The company continues to grow, opening its 300th store at High Green, Sheffield on 18th February 2021. Stores are mostly located throughout the North of England and the Midlands, though have more recently moved into North and South Wales and into Luton. The stores have developed business in selling frozen and convenience store goods at a discount, the majority of which are household brands. 

Heron Foods has retained its family feel and we strongly believe in nurturing and developing internal talent to help them to achieve their career goals whilst helping us work towards a common goal – providing our customers with top quality products at the lowest possible prices, every day in every store. 


We are opening new stores every year, continuing to grow and flourish and we need you to help us on our mission.

Which 3 words would our colleagues use to describe being a part of Team Heron?

Our colleague responses capture the essence of what it means to be part of Team Heron. From growth and opportunity to support and friendship, you'll get an inside look at the values that drive us. Watch to hear directly from our team members and learn more about what it's like to work at Heron Foods. Whether you're a current team member, a customer, or considering joining us, we hope this video provides insight into our workplace culture.

The Heron Values

Our Company Values help us to create a working culture that’s agile, supportive and fun. With the help of our colleagues we have developed a set of values that represent the way we work:


We are honest in all our dealings. We don’t over complicate. We are transparent and always do the right thing.


We complete all tasks with energy and drive. We relish a challenge and give 100%.


We are responsive to change. We adapt and take action as required. We make recommendations and assist our colleagues.


We always plan ahead, taking into account business needs. We communicate with the wider business to prevent confusion. We aim to be organised in all we do.


We are knowledgeable and relish learning new skills. We question things we don’t understand and we endeavour to be subject experts in our field.

Our Culture

We provide a unique working environment. Although we’re a rapidly expanding business we have retained a small business ethos. We’re proud of our heritage, but we also provide a fast paced, innovative and exciting workplace.

We are proud of our achievements and recognise and reward the efforts of our people. Our people are our greatest asset.

Bus2Work Scheme

For our Warehouse colleagues we offer a Bus2Work scheme in conjunction with Stagecoach. It covers our 6am-2pm, 2pm-10pm and 10pm-6am shifts, 7 days per week. It also covers 8am-4pm Monday to Friday for our Store Support Centre colleagues. Subsidised by Heron Foods, the ticket costs just £10 per week and can even be used on other Stagecoach buses throughout the week!

Our Life in Store

With over 330 stores located throughout the UK, we offer many opportunities to join our Retail Team. Roles within our stores include Part-Time Sales Assistants, Senior Sales Assistants, Duty Managers, Store Manager Designates and Store Managers.

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